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I have no idea how to move forward without tearing apart their family or ending up alone or unhappy.A: What you do is get yourself to a therapist to figure out why you need something bad in order to be excited about a relationship.

A: The ex-boyfriend has learned the lesson I often preach: Do not loan money to family and friends without being able to accept you may be giving a gift.I am Chinese, and so I am expected to obey my parents. Is there a way forward with my parents, and should I tell my boyfriend?A: I often hear from people who are children of immigrants who are being pressured to live up to cultural expectations from the old country.Then you simply send him a check with a note explaining that you wanted to clear this debt. Re: My Son Adores His Plus-Size Wife, and My Mother Despises Her: There’s no family harmony or good memories when some members of the family get to be cruel and insulting and other members of the family get to “suck it up.” Accept that Mom has isolated her grandson and his wife by her own actions, tell your son that you understand, and move on. Flirtatious Wife: I noticed over the course of several months that a buddy of mine’s wife was overly flirty, hanging around me a bit too much in social situations, a little too touchy. My wife told me she noticed it too and thinks this woman has the hots for me. All you have to do when you’re around this woman is to demonstrate an utter inability to speak this language.You play it straight, ignore her moves, make sure you’re not alone with her, and act like you have no idea what message she’s sending.

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  1. A., and users have to join a waiting list to try it out. You sign up and are matched with an anonymous user. The users can't even message each other — they communicate by answering irreverent multiple choice questions, sending GIFs, and creating Spotify playlists."You lose something when you know everything about a person," Rendezwho co-founder Adil Ansari told NBC News.