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AS LOW AS WE DO THE COMPLETE JOB • Painting - Papering • Carpentry • Plmnbin* • Kitchen Cabinets • Wa O k Floor Tile • Electrical • Concrete Work • Roofing - Sidin* • Windows k Door» • Attics Finished • Furnaces • Porches • Rooms Added • Guttering • New Floors • Recreation Rooms ALL WORK GUARANTEED mi mg mm AS LOW AS MONTHLY 10 YRS.

1-7976 ABSOLUTELY NO DOWN PAYMENT FOR FURNHURE- APPLIANCES. Our Company Is Fully Insured and Has Long Record of Prompt Payment of Labor and Material Bills Which May Be Easily Checked. 1-4141 66T\m Trrr/TM\/i TTn99 permanent, manent, .50.' Jay’s, 3107 Prospect 10 per- DANCING—RECREATION.

Spiritualist keader, is a true reader and adviser and Sister Evangelist gives readings in her private home. Inti-------- *" ~ ' iterment ML Calvary FUNERAL DIRECTORS. Services i..termeni Cdss\ii.e, if/Basw TBtari Tm -' *■ * ¿i Rp^^ifu ORTUARy BIWW-Pd. NÜ KV EN INO oh sf Tjfn^v 1 na\ »»ordì ta M baya 1.21 1.11 BE T"t® ih ~Tö"5G Off xgg 3.12 2 ~sr~ imn- or inr TIRv T Cosü ~rj B? anc the nta Pit O’ 3 y tí« O i Munnmri 1 Ko*»** General Classifications t BOTH MOR MM* A. ha Tna nrw TO Rooms to Rent—Lost and Fonnd—Situations Wanted risfwt Bo leu one Cont'ais*cem Horns*J non MOR-NLVO AND OENTSO OR SUNDAV I the home: 3 sons.

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