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Many are easy to find at your local grocery store, Whole Foods Market, or other health food store.

I also provide numerous recipes here on the website, to help provide you with more choices.

Will the siren call of genetic compatibility triumph over Linda and Nic's love?

The problem you encounter with Clean Eating is tring to create a one-size-fits-all definition, when the truth is that everyone has a different gentic makeup, not to mention nutritional science is constantly making new discoveries.

When practicing clean eating, yes you eat healthy most of the time, but that doesn't mean 100% strict adherence.

If you really want a sweet treat that isn't part of the clean eating idea, then go for it! There’s this strange phenomenon, especially in the bodybuilding world, where people get obsessed with eating clean, that becomes unhealthy, and is truly unnecessary.

As you do this, your tastes will change, causing you not to want those items anymore, and this effect takes about 2 weeks.

Processed foods, although these items are convenient, you pay for that convenience with your health and waste line, as they are usually high in chemical additives, trans-fats, too much salt and tons of refined sugars.A diet is something you do for a short period of time like month or two, so you can lose weight quickly, and then return to your normal eating habits, and gain all the weight back.This up and down weight loss, is why we have coined the term, YO-YO Dieting.This makes it hard for even the experts to agree on constitutes an ideal diet.Another problem with getting people to understand what clean eating is, is that everyone seems to have a different definition of what "CLEAN" actually constitutes, as a bodybuilders definition is different from the paleo definition, or the vegan definition, and the celebrity doctor definition, ect. "Eating Clean" means revamping your diet, and stripping it of nutritionally devoid foods, meaning no processed, artificially flavored, artificially sweetened, artificially colored, fatty, fried, sugary refined unnatural items, and buying WHOLE FOODS.

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