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If you want to fast-track yourself to duet paradise, all you need to do is find a tune featuring Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

The famous country music collaborators have a lot in common: Incredible voices, southern roots, and septuagenarian status, to name a few shared traits.

Dating services run mail and chat so you can get to know people in a safer and [monitored/controlled] way. Use their platform and the added security it gives.

If and when you do decide to share an e-mail address think about creating a separate and anonymous email address.

The Risks Privacy Maintain privacy and avoid identity theft or fraud.

Preventing Identity Theft Your identity is precious. Viruses & Spyware A basic understanding of computer viruses and spyware.

She writes features on love, dating, sex, friendship, women’s issues, social trends, fashion, food and travel for a range of magazines and newspapers such as Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Red, GQ, The Sunday Times and the Telegraph.You know what, we were almost like brother and sister,'' Parton commented. So we just never went there." Both, indeed, are happily married to other people, Parton wed to Carl Thomas Dean, and Rogers to Wanda Miller.WATCH: Kenny Rogers On Alpacas, Gambling & Why He Loves Dolly Yesterday evening, Rogers capped off his six-decade-spanning career with a farewell concert in Nashville, where Parton ended the show beside her special friend.Skype and Internet Calls Use the Internet to make calls safely.You should check if the dating site you are using is a member of the Online Dating Association (ODA).

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