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In America, you are considered a slave if you go out of your way to please men.

EE women don’t feel that way: “I enjoy certain activities. Their assumption is that if I do cooking every day, I necessarily do it because I’m pressured by my husband.

The American culture is dehumanizing, emasculating, and defeminizing.

Here’s what the women think of your countrymen: EE women perceive American women as more assertive than they are, and they feel that American women “try to be like men,” “boss men around” (Albania, age 22), “try to dominate a lot,” “dress like men” (Bulgaria, age 35), and “expect to be treated the same way as guys” (Hungary, age 23).

They are not always able to distinguish between men and women based on appearance, manners, or conversation. To find out the characteristics of a woman—a real woman— you have to ask one.

Just because a human being has a vagina, it doesn’t mean she knows what a woman is, just like how the majority of American men have no idea what it’s like to be a man, assuming we define a man as someone who doesn’t sell out his gender and even himself for a chance at mediocre pussy. Let’s have a look: If EE women have maintained what it means to be a normal human female, which is what I argue, and they are unable to have meaningful relationships with Americans, that means that Americans are sterile humans.Previously I have written how Western culture—particularly American—is toxic to women, causing them to be more masculine.I have stumbled on a research paper written a few years ago that matches my conclusions.Even though American women know deep down inside that men like feminine women with long hair, heels, sexy clothing, and pleasing attitudes, they refuse to act that way because they’re lazy, entitled, and want to be valued solely for their hamster brain.Today’s American woman rather masculinize the entire culture of women by shaming feminine behavior and spreading fat-is-healthy propaganda than grow out her goddamn hair.

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  1. “When an older woman looks for a younger partner, she’s probably quite comfortable with her sexuality,” she explains, “it’s likely that she’s already been married or had children.