Windvd aacs key is updating

Currently I'm too tired to go into this deeply but I need people to test this. Here is my program that gives a list of all keys used for aacs decryption for one disc.

No hurry either - we all appreciate this (whole AACS caper) must have used up a lot of your time already :-) I'm actually more waiting on the lads doing those evo demux/authoring tools (which are coming nicely) - then if they include your code they can have a very nice 1080p to 720p (~8Gb) conversion tool indeed :-) Interesting.

These types of discs are known as "DVD-9" discs and they can hold up to 9 GB of data.

Blank DVDs that you buy to copy movies are "single layered" and can only hold 4.7 GB of data.

Decrypting programs are developed by independent third parties and are not distributed by or affiliated with LG Software Innovations.

Most DVD movies that you buy or rent are recorded on "dual layered" commercial grade DVDs.

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