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"We’re looking at providing top-quality burgers at a very reasonable price.” After reviewing burgers across the country for over three years, Simon has used his experience and expertise to develop a menu he feels will attract burger lovers across the city.

However, for this unique event there will only be beef options on the menu.

"Don't worry, you have something else coming." He smirked at me.

Giving up, I throw my hands to my sides and we both order a cheeseburger and french fries and a tall chocolate milkshake.

"Thought this would make up for the whole girly bag incident. You think taking me to our local Burger King as a date would make up for something like that?

He looked up at the menu above the counter and smiled.

In 2005, Blackwood appeared in Princes of Comedii DVD release.

In 2000, Blackwood scored a number three hit single on the UK Singles Chart with the song "Mama Who Da Man", based on Mama Used to Say by Junior.“We looked at chicken and vegetarian options but for the first pop-up we wanted to keep to a core menu of three beef burgers."So I apologise now that we can’t cater for vegetarians.Blackwood appeared with the rest of the Shrek cast on Britain's Got Talent for ITV on . On 17 January 2015, it was announced that Blackwood would be joining the cast of East Enders as mysterious character Vincent Hubbard.He made his first appearance on 17 February 2015, and had many connections to different characters before actually appearing on the Square.

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The editor and founder of the industry-recognised burger review website will be working alongside a team of chefs to cook a menu not usually served at the establishment on Saturday, November 21.

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  1. Though our favorite beautiful celebrity couples may appear like they were magnetically forced together by the laws of attraction, the truth is, their set-up stories often err on the side of normal.