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“Some of these people are ridiculous and so arrogant with huge egos,” says Judge.

“So it is fun to make fun of them - and be vicious about it.” He cites the cults of personality that have grown up around CEOs like Apple’s late Steve Jobs.

“Believe me, if I had had that idea I would not be here talking to you.

, Judge was able to keep what made those TV shows so distinct - comedy alongside social commentary that didn't feel preach-y.

In February this year Facebook announced it was to buy Whatsapp for a barely comprehensible billion.

Whatsapp, a messaging gizmo, was five years old, and had only 50 employees, yet it was, apparently, worth more than ITV.

When 's Peter Gibbons asks himself what he'd do if he had a million dollars, he says: "Nothing. I would sit on my ass all day." Which is essentially the Beavis and Butt-Head school of living.

This came three months after the 23-year old founder of Snapchat, another messaging platform, revealed that he had turned down an offer of billion for his company.

“Short-term gain,” he said, laughing gleefully on the cover of Forbes magazine, “isn’t very interesting.” Numbers and quotes like these veer close to the absurd, which was exactly the thought that Mike Judge, the creator of the animation Beavis and Butthead and the cult classic film Office Space, had been having ever since he first worked in the South Bay Area near San Francisco in the Eighties.

Silicon Valley is one of those instantly likeable set-ups that is wholly believable, very funny and yet not so clever-clever that it feels snide.

Everything from the meetings on bikes to the names of the apps to the ideas themselves are eminently credible, from the “integrated multiplatform functionality” of “Googlybib” to one of the coder’s pet projects, Nip Alert (which locates women with erect nipples). He’s sold, like probably 20 or something of them in the Bay Area.

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