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Beyoncé found herself saddled with an ugly reputation for an ambition that knew few limitations.It made her gravely depressed and so guarded that, today, she refuses to discuss anything of a private nature."We could all be broke tomorrow," she says, "and that's why we could never have a bad attitude about all this." Destiny's Child are the most successful girl group of all time.In their seven-year career, they have sold 40 million records, not just by creating some occasionally terrific music (the best in its field by a long way), but also by being incredibly motivated and very shrewd.They had always planned to reconvene for another Destiny's Child album this summer, not just because they knew they would be missing one another's company but, says Beyoncé, because they had already paid for studio time and had set the wheels in motion for a 2005 world tour. And so, despite full solo workloads, they got together in August for a frenzied bout of recording that ran to just three weeks.

The band smile, say thank you and then depart with a rarefied elegance. Next stop is a signing at Virgin Records in Piccadilly Circus, a gentle five-minute stroll away.

But, queen of professionalism that she is, she quickly catches herself, remedies the situation, and dazzles once more.

Later, Michelle Williams, surprisingly keen to deviate from the script, will attempt to explain their reason for such unflagging commitment.

It's just not worth all the pressure, all the stress." I GET my audience with the band a day after the chaos at Virgin Records. Beyoncé really is uncommonly beautiful, her skin the colour of honey, her almond eyes as bashful as Bambi's.

Kelly Rowland is preternaturally cute, her tiny face framed by lustrous curls, while Michelle Williams is all cheekbones and pout. "Well, we are," Beyoncé says, unexpectedly confessional.

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