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But an eyewitness from that same day states in Nassif’s court documents that, “Paul was never more than five feet away from the boys,” that he was not intoxicated, but did have a glass of wine prior to the outing.

And although Maloof claims that her estranged husband spanks, hits and pushes the boys, Nassif says he only spanks the children when they disobey their parents in a serious manner, like running across the street and putting themselves in “danger.” “Paul’s priority is to protect his children,” Nassif’s attorney Lisa Helfend Meyer tells PEOPLE.

She claims that on a weekend in August, he was under the influence of alcohol during a kayaking trip with the kids.

She alleges that one of the children fell in the water and another went missing for some time.

Rumors flew that the two began dating in April, when Nassif and Maloof were still married, TMZ said.

Nassif flatly denied those claims, telling the gossip site that he and Salas only met a month and a half ago.

RELATED: Paul Nassif Files for Divorce from Adrienne Maloof They moved into a home in the Beverly Hills area and later into a gated community with their three kids, 9-year-old Gavin and 6-year-old twins, Christian and Collin, who were sometimes seen on the show.The alleged outburst, he claims, happened when Maloof wasn’t allowed to invite her mother to an event in Las Vegas. “Continuing to expose the children to my and Adrienne’s dysfunctional and volatile relationship is causing harm to the children,” Nassif stated in court documents.A source close to Maloof acknowledges that she has used force, but tells PEOPLE, “Physically, all Adrienne has ever done is defend herself.” Maloof, meanwhile, alleges in her statement that her ex has a violent temper and has often “shoved” her to the ground, “pulled” her hair and “yelled” at her.What’s more, she claims, Nassif “carries a gun inhis briefcase, which he leaves unlocked …[and] the children are afraid of him.” Court documents show that Nassif has since turned in the gun to the Beverly Hills Police Department.

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