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His few scenes with his doubting, despairing father, imbued by Mr.

Britton with an exhausted desperation tinged with shadowing guilt, are deeply affecting.

Hassell’s Hal pivots convincingly from errant playboy to determined warrior, and ultimately, of course, to an inspiring Henry V.The second and more widely known of Shakespeare’s two history tetralogies, the cycle charts the tumult that roils the British kingdom under three successive rulers.To see the plays together, and in sequence, naturally emphasizes the continuity of the history they unfold.As “Henry IV” begins, his anxiety has been borne out, with the country again rived by conflict.The rebellion’s leader is Harry Percy, called Hotspur, and, as portrayed by a commanding Matthew Needham, he is indeed a fiery figure driven by an insatiable lust for honor on the field of arms.

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