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First there was Troy and Carly, then Tracey and Sean, and now… Yes, Ashley and Justin are apparently knocking each other’s socks off, after fans spotted them on what appeared to be a date together.But it gets even weirder – Ashley, 28, was partnered with Troy, 34, while Justin, 41, was partnered with Carly, 32.Many thanks to their son Mike for permission to feature this wonderful tune.

And apparently food wasn't the only thing on Ashley and Justin's minds, if you catch our drift. Thanks to fiddler Kathy Selby for teaching me this tune.(Note: in the recording I tuned my G string to an A pitch) I first learned this jig 30 years ago when fiddling in the Geneseo String Band.In my December tradition of featuring a carol or hymn, here's a lovely shape note hymn that one of my students brought to lessons.I've arranged it in an alternate tuning using drones and double stops. According to The Fiddler's Companion website, the title “Rambling Pitchfork” refers to ..."an itinerant farm laborer, in the same sense that ‘hired gun’ refers to a mercenary." A fun jig, whatever the title!

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