What process gives us absolute dating of rocks

As a result, many of the names they used came from towns or other local places where they studied in Europe.Ordering rock layers from oldest to youngest was a first step in creating the geologic time scale.Before you work through this lesson, think about the following questions. This means that the laws describing how things work are the same today as they were billions of years ago. This law has always been true and always will be true.Knowing the natural laws helps you think about Earth's past, because it gives you clues about how things happened very long ago.For example, they have learned that the Mississippi River formed many millions of years after the Grand Canyon began forming.They have also concluded that dinosaurs lived on the Earth for about 200 million years.Scientists have put together the geologic time scale to describe the order and duration of major events on Earth for the last billion years.Some examples of events listed on the geologic time scale include the first appearance of plant life on Earth, the first appearance of animals on Earth, the formation of Earth's mountains, and the extinction of the dinosaurs.

To answer these questions, you have to think about times that were millions or billions of years ago.

However, the early geologic time scale only showed the order of events.

It did not show the actual years that events happened.

Clues like this have helped scientists learn that Earth's surface features have changed many times.

Spots that were once covered by warm seas may now be cool and dry.

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