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Was there as much of a rivalry between you and Lauren as the show portrayed? I didn't hate her before MTV came and the way it sort of turned into. I think they sort of kept it going by having my boyfriend at the time going and hanging out with Lauren, which was hard! I kept being like, "No, that's Lauren's thing — I'm NOT going to do it." But with her leaving, obviously, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

KC: I think because of the show, the rivalry between Lauren and I sort of escalated. And that's because I felt like she was trying to steal my boyfriend. When you were returning to reality TV on The Hills, MTV was promoting your return with the slogan "the bitch is back." Do you feel like you deserved to be called "the bitch"?

The love triangle between you, Stephen, and Lauren was a huge plotline on Laguna Beach. KC: MTV actually asked me if I was OK with them saying "the bitch is back." And I was like, "Yeah, let's do it.

I'm coming back, let's make it big." I looked at it as a job and I was having fun so I was game for it.

Would you ever do another reality show if you were approached?

KC: I get approached all the time to do a reality show about my family.

So by the time she left and I came in, it could've easily changed a lot.

It wasn't necessarily an exact line as what to say on Laguna Beach. After Season 2 of Laguna Beach, Lauren, of course, went on to star in her own spin-off series The Hills that you eventually starred in.You missed your 10-year high school reunion because you had just given birth to your daughter.Is there anyone from Laguna Beach that you want to catch up with?Laguna Beach was small so literally everyone in my class I wanted to see.I have kept in touch with a lot of people and I do hear about everyone else through the people I do keep in touch with.

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During Laguna Beach, you had two on-screen BFFs — Alex H. Whitney Port, who was in Seasons 1–4 of The Hills, recently rebutted your previous claims about The Hills, saying the show wasn't "staged." What are your thoughts on Whitney's recent comments?

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