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The installation always tries to upgrade the main software components and then functionally goes through the configuration steps for each area like apache, motion start up.

After the setup finishes it offers to start the camera system.

It can be used for a wide variety of applications including surveillance, dvr recording and time lapse photography.

If you want to disable autostart completely, navigate back to the directory, where you cloned the git-repo in Step 4 and run one of the following command: ./RPi_Cam_Web_Interface_autostart_no -- the interface starts at startup and takes control over the camera (standard) To temporarily start/stop or deinstall: Navigate back to the directory, where you downloaded the installer in Step 4.

See also Addition section for tips on installing from scratch.

Step 1: Install Raspbian on your RPi Step 2: Attach camera to RPi and enable camera support ( Step 3: Update your RPi with the following commands: Occasionally if camera core software updates have been done then a sudo rpi-update may be used to benefit from these before they become available as standard.

limit=50 Raspberry Pi Camera Board - Fisheye 222° Lens - https://

limit=50 Raspberry Pi Camera Board - Night Vision "IR-CUT" - https://

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For example: Raspberry Pi Camera Board - Night Vision & Fisheye 160° Lens - https://

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