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If you attempt to view the picture, you get a virus instead.But once again, these weren't pictures to begin with; they're scenarios that were specifically crafted to deceive. If the file is already on your machine you could, of course, run a virus scan to hopefully get rid of it.The same thing has, at times, happened with ".jpg" files.

You see this all the time in virus-bearing email attachments where files might be ".zip", but in fact might contain a ".exe" executable that can then run and infect your machine.

As it works across all devices, you don’t have to change the settings on each one individually.

Remember: Sky Broadband Shield is not an antivirus application so we recommend you install dedicated antivirus software for each of your devices.

Sky Broadband Shield works with any device connected to your Sky Broadband home network using Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, including smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets and games consoles.

If you're browsing with 3G or 4G, you won't be protected by Sky Broadband Shield as you'll need to be connected to your home network.

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An 18 year career as a programmer at Microsoft soon followed. in 2003 as a place for answers to common computer and technical questions. You wouldn't believe how much information I get from your columns to pass on to my students. Haven't seen an equivalent for other browsers, though. This article may help on what to do when you're infected, regardless of the cause: My computer's infected with a virus, how do I clean it up?

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