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There are plenty of fringe areas waiting to be settled all over South Florida. Mass transit made it convenient to live in NY, NJ or CT and still be able to work in NY and still have a 1 hour commute while earning a higher NY salary.

HAHAHAHAhahahahhahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahhahahahahah! -The broken home equity ATM machine and loss of construction, finance, and home sales jobs strangles the retail sector.-Tightening of the lending standards will qualify less and less people for high priced homes.-Florida's quality of life continues to deteriorate: crime, congestion, high prices, hurricanes, red tide, etc.-Negative psychology and fear will drive the market down even harder, just as positive psychology and irrational exuberance drove it higher.-Foreclosures and bankruptcies continue to increase... just like water rushing into the bilges of a sinking ship. The problem is everyone seems to think affordable housing should be on South Beach, the Las Olas Isles, and The Island. My guess is it will be a combination of rate rollbacks locally, with subsidization from the State with a sales tax increase of 1.5 cents.

Sarah: You sound like the real estate equivalent of a democrat describing Bush/Cheney. Unless this is a cataclysmic, historic event, the market will correct, will come back, and we will move on. And for those that think the median wage will ever support the median home, it's not going to happen where there is so much high end, desirable real estate to keep the numbers up.

We have history all over the country to support that. How about the other 70% who had to put a roof over their head. We are not suffering the loss of our economic engine like the rust belt or a one company town. Or, maybe it will happen the same time a median wage earner can by a median home in Manhattan, LA, or Downtown Boston.

- lets put it further - the more desireable the less decline.- palm beach- miami beach- unaffected.

aspen plus 21 % last one can afford a median home in san fran, london, nyc-and our median is one of the lowest in europe and the us.j you can blame most of this on the media.

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