Validating xml document in c

When an XML file is associated with a DTD or XML schema, it is bound by any structural rules contained in the DTD or XML schema.To be considered a valid XML file, a document must be accompanied by a DTD or an XML schema, and conform to all of the declarations in the DTD or the XML schema.It is used to associate the XML file with a DTD file (in this case, the DTD file is Invoice.dtd).

And now follows a list of things that are not part of the core XML specification and are not directly supported.You can pass this reader to the Load method of the Xml Document class when it loads and have the reader do the validation for you. I want to do something like the following but I keep getting the error "the Xml Schema Set on the document is either null or has no schemas in it.Provide schema information before calling Validate." What am I doing wrong? The reason I want to avoid the readers is that I want an Xml Document that is not forward-only so I can loop through the doc again after validating it. In all my Googling about this I only find examples of how to validate an XMLReader or Xml Validating Reader against a DTD.

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