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The easiest way to understand this process is to think of UAT as an autonomous testing project – which means, it will have the plan, design and the execution phases.

The following are the pre-requisites before the planning phase begins: Acceptance criteria- to simply put, this is a list of things that are going to get evaluated before accepting the product.

We are going to focus only on application functionality. Or in some cases, in addition to being on standby and assisting, we might share their responses and record the results or log bugs etc. C) Perform UAT and present results – If this is the case, the users will point the areas of the AUT that they want to evaluate and the evaluation itself is performed by the QA team.

Once done, the results are presented to the clients/users and they will make a decision on whether the results that they have in hand are sufficient and in accordance with their expectations in order to accept the AUT. Depending on the case on hand, we decide which approach is best.

The dates, environment, actors(who), communication protocols, roles and responsibilities, templates, results and their analysis process, entry-exit criteria – all of this and anything else relevant will be found in the UAT test plan.

Developers and functional testers are technical people who validate the software against the functional specifications.

These could be of 2 types: A) Application functionality or business related Ideally, all key business functionality should get validated but due to various reasons, including time, it is not practical to do it all.

Therefore, a meeting or two with the client or the users who are going to be involved in UAT can give us an idea on how much testing is going to be involved and what aspects are going to be tested.

This validation is carried out by end users who are familiar with the business requirements.

UAT, alpha and beta testing are different types of acceptance testing.

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