Validating sale of mortgage

Please treat this letter as a qualified written request under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, 12 U. To fully explore our clients claim, we are requesting a breakdown of the following information: 1.

The monthly principal and interest payment, and monthly escrow payments 2.

The good news is, Connecticut General Statute 47-36aa can validate certain defects in recorded documents, as long as those documents were recorded 2 or more years earlier and have not yet been challenged in court.

CGS 47-36aa, known as the Validating Act, can cure defects in a multitude of common land records documents.

Furthermore, borrowers will be delighted that the streamlined process could potentially allow them to close on their loan faster.

The Summit County Fiscal Office Appraisal Department is reviewing real estate property sales as part of our ongoing appraisal process.

There are a number of incentives for loan officer’s and lenders to utilize these automated validation tools when they are originating loans.

Borrowers, lenders, underwriters and the GSEs themselves will all experience new efficiencies that will speed up the loan cycle and lower origination costs.

I have had several people question ask what is a QWL and Validation of Debt Letter.

Every case I work on, this is the first thing that goes out.... Aug, 19, 2011 Bank of America PO Box 5170 Simi Valley, CA 93062 Attn: Legal Department RE: QUALIFIED WRITTEN REQUEST and DEMAND FOR VALIDATION OF DEBT for..................

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