Validating descriptive databases

Further, empirical work in the field of organization and management clearly shows that successful individual adoption is only one component of the assimilation of innovations in healthcare organizations [].

The implementation of evidence-informed decision-making in health care organizations is unlikely to follow the clinical model of evidence-based medicine.

The group discussion based on the tool was the more useful aspect of the exercise, rather than the actual score assigned.

The tool can serve as a catalyst for an important discussion about research use at the organizational level; such a discussion, in and of itself, demonstrates potential as an intervention to encourage processes and supports for research translation.

Thirty-two focus groups were conducted among four sectors of Canadian health organizations.

In the first hour of the focus group, participants individually completed the tool and then derived a group consensus ranking on items.

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In the second hour, the facilitator asked about overall impressions of the tool, to identify insights that emerged during the review of items on the tool and to elicit comments on research utilization.

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