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First, create a Let's assume our web application is for game collectors.

If a game collector registers with our application and they own more than 100 games, we want them to explain why they own so many games.

Of course, you will want to verify that the e-mail address is unique.

Email is the main point of contact between your business and the customer.For example, perhaps they run a game resale shop, or maybe they just enjoy collecting.To conditionally add this requirement, we can use the Laravel provides a variety of helpful validation rules; however, you may wish to specify some of your own.First, let's assume we have the following routes defined in our object.If the validation rules pass, your code will keep executing normally; however, if validation fails, an exception will be thrown and the proper error response will automatically be sent back to the user.

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Email validation increases your delivery rates, reduces hard bounces and improves your sender reputation at the same time.

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