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At first we were really surprised because the generational gap is pretty large between us, and then we figured out that philosophically, we share a lot of things.

And there’s an optimistic and a celebrational element in both of our music that we really like.”Arca gently steered her toward his favorite lesser-known Björk tracks, both instrumentals: “Ambergris March,” from her score for “Drawing Restraint 9,” and “Batabid,” a B side from 2001. “He was mirroring back to me a side of me that I probably would have ignored,” Björk said.

In an interview at her apartment in Brooklyn, she said “Utopia” had long been her working title for the album.

While making it, she read extensively about utopias: in academic studies and in stories and novels through the centuries, from ancient fables to the science fiction of Octavia E. “Utopia has gone from everything being monasteries, to feminist islands, to socialism, to ‘Peach Blossom Spring,’” she said, referring to a tale of an isolated, idyllic community that was written in the fifth century in China. Trump only strengthened her determination to envision hope.

“He knew my back catalog better than I did,” she said.

“And you escape to an island, and there’s a lot of women there with children, and everybody’s playing flutes, and everybody’s naked, and there’s all these plants you’ve never seen before and all these birds you’ve never heard before, and orchids, and it has that feeling of pioneering into a new world.”Björk, 51, played a nearly finished version of the album for me during one of her brief stays in New York City this year, on a muggy day back in July.

In a recent telephone call, she addressed an episode from her life that she had decided to air.

In October, she posted on Facebook that she had faced unwanted touches and sexual advances from a “Danish director”: clearly Lars von Trier, who directed her in the 2000 film “Dancer in the Dark.” “I don’t want to be self-important in this,” Björk said on the phone from Iceland.

“That was not the case,” he told the newspaper, Jyllands-Posten.

“But that we were definitely not friends, that’s a fact.” Attempts to reach Mr.

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