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It's also a good practice to specify what kind of argument the function expects.In this example, since we will be feeding the function a cell reference, we can specify the argument as a ‘Range' type.With VBA, you can create a custom Function (also called a User Defined Function) that can be used in the worksheets just like regular functions.

This means that you can not change the color of the cell with a function itself (however, you can do it using conditional formatting with the custom function).For example in a COUNTIF function, there are two arguments (range and criteria) Within the parenthesis, you need to specify the arguments.In our example, there is only one argument – Cell Ref.To give you an example, if you have a list of numbers (both positive and negative), and you want to identify the negative numbers, here is what you can do with a function and a subroutine.A subroutine can loop through each cell in the range and can highlight all the cells that have a negative value in it.

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