Updating took over 30 minutes

For the Windows 10 Creators Update last April, each PC was put in an offline phase for around 82 minutes as part of the install process.

For the Fall Creator's Update in October, Microsoft managed to cut the offline time down to 51 minutes.

In other words, if you want to be seen as a people-oriented marketer, you’ll keep jobs that relate to PR and connecting with others.

But consider cutting that bullet about tracking inventory or that job you worked in a lab back in college.

So much so, in fact, that she asked you to follow up with your resume, because she knows someone who’s hiring. But before you decide which dancing animal GIF accurately sums up your networking victory, you have some work to do.

And if I wanted to work inside the beltway, I would absolutely include it on my resume to this day.

Remember, that when it comes to your position now, you don’t need to go through your daily to-do list and write every little task down.

Instead, think about what you do each day through a few different lenses.

But many years later, applying to editorial jobs, that’s valuable real estate better spent discussing writing experience. ” I can keep working through my old job history and decide to cut marketing for a small business to make room to discuss recent freelance work.

Remember that proper spelling and grammar go a way. Then, read it out loud to make sure you’re not missing any words.

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