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Oh, one final reminder, make sure you click SAVE whenever you change a setting in your router and try to only change one thing at a time.A stepwise approach may tke a little longer but it leads to much less frustration in my experience. This is what I did: Went to the LINKSYS admin web page: Type or Username/password Click WIRELESS then WIRELESS SECURITYMy settings showed: WPA2 Personal TKIP AESWrite down the WPA Shared Key (you'll be entering this key, not the hexadecimal key)On your PSP: Network Settings, Infrastructure Mode,[New Connection] type a name for the connection Scan Look for the SSID with WPA-PSK (TKIP)Under WLAN Security Setting CHOOSE WPA-PSK (AES)Enter the WPA Shared Key from your Router into the PSPAddress Settings - EASYChoose a connection name, I left it at linksys Click X to Save Settings Click on Test Connection"Connecting to the Access Point""Obtaining IP Address""Testing Internet Connection"Scroll down the status screen and it should show "Succeeded" under the Internet Connections Hope this works for everyone..did for me... The most recent versions support WPA2 so the only explanation if your PSP is unsupported is that you are using an older firmware.One thing I would suggest is making sure you don't have MAC address filtering on.If you do have it on, turn it off and try to reconnect.The first time David Reeves got up on stage and took a new PSP out of his pocket, it was easy to see why he looked so pleased with himself.

Your router needs to allow that or else the PSP won't connect.

"PSP-3000" may be the working title, but when it hits the shelves it will still be called the PSP Slim & Lite, because it's not a sequel to the PSP-2000 - it's a hardware revision that also happens to allow Sony to maintain the existing price point, and generate renewed buzz for the platform. So, we've been playing with the PSP-3000 since it turned up on Saturday morning, and apart from a red bar mentioning the "enhanced screen and built-in microphone" and a discreet "PSP-3003 PB" designation in the bottom-right corner, the box doesn't make much of a song and dance about its brand new occupant. The old "Home" button has been replaced with a brand-unifying PS-logo button, and the tiny microphone hole is located between the volume controls and the PSP logo itself on the front of the unit at the bottom.

The promised curvier edges are so similar that we honestly forgot about them until most of this feature was written and we noticed some shadow gradient on a photograph, and went back and checked.

Do you have the latest official firmware for your PSP? If you have done both of the above and are still having problems you might want to post more specific information about your set-up so people can try to help you out. Here is my setup: - Linksys WRT54G router using WPA2 encryption (AES I believe) - I should have the newest firmware as I upgraded it within the past couple of months...

- PSP with OFFICIAL 5.00 firmware using WPA (AES) encryption Basically, it appears that they might connect, but it always times out. I'm using the same brand and model of router so there is hope. Do things one step at a time - 1) Go into your router settings and turn off security - Choose ' Disabled' from the drop down list under the Wireless -- Wireless Security setting (you're just doing this briefly so it should not compromise your network.) Then see if you can connect the PSP. If you are not successful here we need to investigate other settings in your router.

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This is horrible by Sony not to put this technology in yet.

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