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You'll need to find a different PCI Video card to use in order to flash the bios of the card you just restarted with.

Once you have the other card installed (use a different brand card if possible) you can boot using your boot disk/cd.

The latest version of NVFLASH can be found at Softpedia via this link.

Now that you've learned how the create the boot disk, here is what you need to do in order to flash your gfx bios.

This will flash your video card with the new version of bios, rewriting the old version. If you installed BIOS for a new type of card you may need to install new drivers.

If you have/had an error in the bios flash process DO NOT RESTART.

Once you get to the A:\ prompt, type: Got a little note you may want to include in your tutorial...If you wish to download a new BIOS set to install, do so, but be careful not to restart from a bios flash unless you're certain there were no errors and the bios flashed correctly.If you restarted after a failed bios update you will need to do a bit more to recover your card.All of the operations that need to be performed will happen in DOS. If you have a floppy disk drive, then use this website to download and create a dos disk.Otherwise, you can just insert the disk into your computer, right click and create a boot disk.

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If you don't have a floppy disk, you will need to follow this tutorial to create a bootable DOS cd.

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