Updating kde menu

Description: A menu based on Windows 10's Start Menu.

v20 requires KDE 5.12 v12 requires KDE 5.9 v6 requires KDE 5.6 KDE 5.5.5 and below need to use the special kde5.5 version. Does not support (Win10): * Most used apps (kicker's api only supports most recent) * Tile Groups Install Translations: German, Simplified Chinese, Spanish Translators: Fill out https://github.com/Zren/plasma-applet-tiledmenu/blob/master/package/translate/template.pot, paste into https:// and comment with the link.

) What I have right now is a bar at the bottom with the 'show desktop' button on the left, some icons (volume, the clock, num lock and caps lock, a shutdown button etc.) on the right, and access to task manager and - through that - to firefox. It might be that there's just some really basic thing about Linux I don't know.

Right-click on the bottom panel and select New Panel.

Next is to check whether you have plasma-desktop running (task manager) if it isn't start it through krunner (alt F2). I personnaly call the taskbar (taskpanel) any panel that contains the task manager widget, it usually is on the bottom. ) update; I'd start by trying to finish it and repair the damage using the package manager.

This of course isn't acceptable if you've done some amount of KDE tweaking on your system. You can also add a new panel by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop and selecting "add panel".

By default, only System Settings, Dolphin, ~/Pictures, and ~/Documents is visible.

You can drop apps/folders onto the sidebar to add it, though you'll need to open the config to delete it.

AFAIK, all menu systems are cached, due to the inefficiency of not caching them, so yes, this is how gnome behaves, and if I remember correctly (I havent used gnome in ages) it was always like that.

Perhaps KDE is no different than GNOME, and debian just invisibly refreshed it for you.

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