Updating hpux patces

You can use HP-UX patches to update HP-UX software without having to completely reinstall your system application.Hewlett-Packard provides several methods to patch HP-UX systems: The HP-UX OE media provides standard HP-UX patch bundles for HP-UX core file sets and applications, plus diagnostic products.You can find the document at to Patch Management).Individual HP-UX patches comprise the Standard HP-UX patch bundles.

These bundles enable new hardware, fix known defects, and provide diagnostics tools.SWA is delivered as a recommended (default-installed) product in all OEs.The HP-UX Software Assistant website at https://com/go/swa provides a product overview, download links, documentation links, and installation instructions.SWA combines the versatility and power of the HP IT Resource Center (ITRC) Patch Assessment and Security Patch Check (SPC) utilities, and is the HP-recommended utility to use to maintain currency with HP-published security bulletins for HP-UX software.SWA can perform a number of checks, including applicable security bulletins and installed patches with critical warnings.

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