Updating clam antivirus in ubuntu

A common complaint is that in Linux, there are many different places where bits and pieces could be stored. For example, the info could be added within a file that actually contains a variety of settings, not just for clamav. As for "sign in as root," that can mean one of several things.

Particularly go to the /etc folder, and see if there is any folder or file that appears to contain settings that you should delete. It is possible to log in as root, without ever using your user name.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be very grateful.

Apologies in advance if I take a day or two to respond - it's getting near my bed-time!

When I try to update, there is no mention of having to sign in as root, which seems to crop up on forums - presumably doesn't apply to this version (Ubuntu 8.10).

It simply says "Update Failed," and is beginning to really annoy me - not least of all because it's doubtless something I'm doing wrong.

yes Manually update virus databases #freshclam Clam AV update process started at Mon Sep 11 2006 is up to date (version: 40, sigs: 64138, f-level: 8, builder: tkojm) is up to date (version: 1859, sigs: 4556, f-level: 8, builder: ccordes) Auto-updating Virus Databases freshclam is the default database updater for Clam Anti Virus.

It can work in two modes interactive -- from command line, verbosely daemon -- alone, silently When started by a superuser it drops privileges and switches to the clamav user.

Only recently figured out what a terminal was, for instance... If you have ever uninstalled a program in Windows, you know that it can leave settings behind, either in the registry, or in a hidden Documents and Settings folder.I regularly e-mail friends with Windows computers, and I transfer files between this and my Windows machines (using e-mail, usb flash drives, CD/DVD and floppy discs).Following instructions on the following site: I installed Clam AV, using terminal commands (definitely a new experience) for the bulk of the packages, and downloading the clamtk GUI from Source Forge, as directed in the above article.The package also includes a virus scanner shared library.Install Clam AV in Debian If you want to install clamav in debian you need to add the any one of the following source list to your /etc/file deb sarge/volatile main or deb sarge main deb-src sarge main Once you add the above souce list run the following commad # apt-get update #apt-get install clamav this will install following packages clamav clamav-base clamav-freshclam libbz2-1.0 libclamav1 libcurl3 libgmp3 libidn11 ucf at the time of installation it will prompt for the following questions Virus database update method:daemon Local Database mirror site:db.local.HTTP proxy information (leave blank for none):none Should clamd be notified after updates?

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Re-install, and your prior settings are still there. To clean everything: First, uninstall the program in usual fashion.

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