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Our last house, a townhouse, was “old builder grade” and our current house is “new builder grade,” but none of the bathrooms in either of our houses started out as my “dream bathroom.” (Is that weird that I could potentially have a dream bathroom? I am always amazed at how much a simple coat of paint can transform a space.

It sounds kind of odd and delightful all at the same time… Whether it’s the walls, the vanity, or even the tile, there are so many ways to update a bathroom with paint.

I thought I’d share the bathrooms today and then the kitchen next week. It was when we moved in, but then there was a leak and we had to replace it temporarily with these cheap linoleum tiles until we were ready to take on the room.

The bathrooms were our first ever room makeovers, LONG before I knew I was going to turn into a home blogger! Take it all in…the lattice cabinets, pink wallpaper, bad paneling, wooden TP dispenser, towel ring on the cabinet, the crazy shelf, AND the missing toilet lid…you are JEALOUS, right? Thankfully that was cabinet stain on the wall and not mold!

In our townhouse master we did a simple DIY and framed in the existing mirror…

We found an all in one unit at one of the big box stores that came with the cabinet, sink, countertop and faucet as one piece. Using a framed mirror makes the whole room look more custom, even though it wasn’t expensive.Again, it was an easy update, but in both cases, it made a big difference!The color that we painted the vanity is Behr Iron Mountain, and if you’re looking for details, you can read all about the vanity painting project in this post.Instead of spending money on frosted glass, we actually used clear glass and a frosted vinyl. Buying this home, with all it’s outdated spaces, really saved us money up front.Then, updating it frugally while we lived in it was great for resale value.

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In fact, we sold the house in under a week with multiple offers!

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