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The obvious alternative to carrier financing is the i Phone Upgrade Program that Apple introduced last year, which gives you a fully unlocked phone for 24 monthly payments, plus the 9 cost of its Apple Care handset insurance, also broken out over 24 months to add and change to each bill.If you worry about cracking a phone’s screen, this is a better deal than it was a year ago because it now covers two screen-replacement incidents, each with a fee.You can use i My Fone Umate Pro or i My Fone Umate Pro for Mac.Umate Pro is an ultimate i OS data eraser that lets you permanently erase all the dataans setting on your i Phone so that it is 100% unrecoverable.But if you’re shopping for an i Phone to use with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, Apple’s site also offers an Apple installment-plan option that doesn’t require buying Apple Care but also gives you an unlocked phone—liberated for both domestic and international use, Apple says.

The following tips will help you reactivate your account.

This will work only when the problem is an error from Apple’s activation server.

If this were the case, chances are you’ll be able to activate your account once you wait it out a few minutes.

If you can’t activate your device after upgrading to i OS 11/i OS 11.3, please know you’re not alone. Activation issues are one of the many issues plaguing some users who have upgraded their devices to the new i OS 11/11.3.

From the statistics we have, it seems this issue is affecting older models of the i Phones – i Phone 5S or earlier.

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To maximize your flexibility, you’ll want to buy a Verizon or Sprint i Phone.

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