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Included in Part 3, Special Groups, are reports of instruction with the disadvantaged child, the exceptional child, the remedial reader (both children and adults), and those who speak English as a second language. The Boston Reading Experiment (1866-1879): The Evaluation of an Early Educational Innovation Which Was a forerunner to the Initial Teaching Alphabet William E. The Treatment of Language Sounds in the Design of an Initial Teaching Alphabet and in Spelling With It Sir James Pitman, K. Their reputations (and their Incomes) became rooted In the 26- character alphabet.

In Part 4, Methods and Measures, teaching methods are discussed as well as the problem of transition from i.t.a. cn childrens independ:nt and creative writing, and administrative problems which are concerned with initiating i.t.a. Thousands of their graduate students walked In their footsteps, and became, In their turn, experts themselves.

in school districts and carrying on research designed to investigate its effectiveness. Their research always focused on meihodology, not on medium, and — If the medium turned out to be the crux of the matter — that research Itself might come into question, ho wonder that the hcrse said, upon seeing the automobile, ”1 hope it doesn’t work!

As the first part began with the history of i.t.a., the last section ends with a discussion of its future. " So the Issuo was Joined on grounds that are fam TIIar to the historian of science.

Pitman had whit might ba called a "genetic" Involvement In the spelling re- form movement since his grandfather.

They were the spelling reformers, and they achieved relatively little success.

Conference, Mc Gill University, Montreal, Quebec, Aug- 1967 Initial Teaching Alphabet Foundation, 154 Southampton Row, London W. 1, Terminus 1609, England (hard copy 40s.) EDR5 PRIC5 EDRS Price MF-S0.65 HC Not Available from EDRSc DESCRIPTORS Adult Reading Programs, Beginning Reading, Deaf Children, Disadvantaged Youth, English (Second Lan juage) , Exceptional Child Education, ^Initial Teaching Alphabet, ^language Arts, ^Primary Grades, ♦Reading Instruction, ^Reading Research, Remedial Reading, Secondary School Students, Spelling, Writing ABSTRACT An overall view of the Initial Teaching Alphabet (i.t.a.) and its use with various groups of people are presented. The "reading expert" should not be tlamed too much for missing this crucial po'nt; the spelling re- formers did so too. The business of teaching children to read Is a multi-million dollar affair.

Further, he suggests that this Is the majoi explanation for the success of l.t.a. None of those, with the exception of money — always such a marvelous motivator — Is a conven- tional mechanism for educational Innovation.

The Peabody-Chicago-Detroit Reading Project — A Report of the Second-Year Results Richard K. i.t.a, and Mentally Handicapped Adolescents * Margaret Wallace 3. The fears originally expressed (f.e., that l.t.a-taught children will spell more poorly) seem largely to have been dissipated.

in Remedial Reading with Third and Fourth Graders Rita E. r-’a Rationale for the Program in Early-to-Read : The Influence of Medium on Method ...» Vera Ohanlan 2. The Effect of Three Different Methods Tested Reading Achievement of Transition on Robert E. may be used both passively In reading and actively In writing. have been concerred to any degree wl the pro- blems of writing, admittedly have not completely controlled for fht, oppor- tunity f oi" T. In most cases, this seems to have been the conscious decision of educators who the fact that, given the Inconsistencies of English, it does not readily permit very young children to express themselves with T. Those studies that have dealt at all with writing indicate clearly that children tend to write much longer and more Interesting stories than children taught with traditional orthogra- phy .

Of coj r '.e, tiere were some enthusiasts who had, as early as the Uth century, traced reading problems to the alphabet and its odd combinations of spellings.

K 1 t h a lack of caution that could be con- $ T dered as Impolitic as It was Irregular, Sir James suggested that many r eading difficulties have their roots in what Coleridge called "our lying alphabet" Itself.

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Delegates to this conference and readers of the proceedings nay be aware of a general shift In the nature of the interests of educators and I.t.a. Based upon the titles of papers pre- sented at these meetings, there has been a move away from traditional studies of experimental groups using I.t.a. for teaching beginning reading to '’normal" children.

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