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Just bear in mind that approval for a higher limit isn’t guaranteed. This is a credit card you would get if you didn't have any choice.

It depends on your recent payment history and overall creditworthiness. I was stranded in a completely different state, I had no way to get the requested info.

My since then and current payment history feels like it\'s not even a factor.

One mistake and boom, we\'re going to charge you the fees (I owed) and hold it against you for the next six plus months.

You can also make the request by phone (800-987-5521), or if you happen to live in South Dakota, at one of First Premier’s branch locations.I accepted and have a perfect payment history on both cards. I went on line to request a credit limit increase on my initial card (the 0 one) and was denied. I have almost a flawless payment history AND you gave me a second card, so I assumed my payment history with them was enough that I could request an increase. Back in September of 2017 I missed a payment and was late on the next payment.There was one time I let my payment date get away from me and I paid it on the 6th instead of the 5th. I called and politely requested it be refunded as I had never been late before and the kind rep approved the adjustment. The card was lost and I was in the process of relocating state to state and unfortunately it fell off the radar.I am disappointed in the way this particular instance happened with this company but over all I have found comfort knowing I have the cards as an option when I need it. I also used Capital One when buying a newer used car after having my card for a little while as well ! it\'s a really great option and honestly it\'s really the best option, instead of investing money you never get back because at least with a secured card you get your would be FEES back instantly because it\'s simply your money !I won\'t bash the company because It was my fault the payment lapsed but there seems to be zero leeway even once you\'re been established for some time with the company. So apparently because my account is new and I've been using it and mind you already paid it off, then used another they have suspended my account! You can use it whenever you want however you want :) I mean...

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