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I deleted a few lesser-known apps that I had been using sporadically and I deactivated my profiles on the sites that I figured I’d return to soon, but on POF I couldn’t find a way to do that so I just “hid” my profile.Three or four weeks later I came back to Bumble, Tinder, and OKCupid.Guy Friend: "So have you been seeing anybody recently? Not really." Guy's Girlfriend: "We're a little concerned for you, being alone all the time. Asides from all the catfish and predators, that website is full of amphibians and the last thing anybody wants to date is a toad with polliwogs!!!You are such a great catch, you could join Plenty of Fishto find yourself a lucky lady :)" You: "Seriously?!? So how can you look for love online while still protecting yourself against potential scammers?My hatred of Plenty of Fish (aka POF) is so well-documented it wouldn’t even be possible to link to all my past rants about them.Here are some of the highest profile scams that have directly affected online dating participants: Money requests – Horror stories about romance scammers who use sweet talk to steal money from their victims are all too common.In fact, they’re probably the first thing that crosses people’s minds when they think of the pitfalls of online dating.

But the grim reality is that instead of finding friendships and the true love of his/her life, here you are bound to find Plenty of: Freaks Land Whales Defiant Single Moms Gold Diggers Scam Artists Trannys Felons Wanna-be Country Folk Sluts (with sky high standards) Cougars Moochers Pretenders Abs Mirror Selfies Drug Addicts Perverts Man Haters Mind Players ETC, ETC.....Interestingly, many of these scams are rampant on social media platforms, not just dating sites; that means you could become a victim even if you’re not an active member in the “dating scene.” Extortion – Some victims have reported falling for extortion, especially once the talk, shared photographs, or webcam chats turn intimate.Then the scammer lets the cat out of the bag and demands money not to share the content with the victim’s children, family members, friends, or co-workers.In one case, a male victim met someone through an online dating service.The man first gave this “woman” money because she said her family was sick and needed help with medical bills.

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