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Certainly, the statistics show that intermarried Jews are overwhelmingly less likely to be involved in Jewish activities: 85% of Jewish couples have or attend a Pesach seder, while only 41% of intermarried Jews do; 66% of Jewish couples fast on Yom Kippur while only 26% of intermarried Jews do; 59% of Jewish couples belong to a synagogue while only 15% of intermarried Jews do.

The Noahic commandments are binding on all people, because all people are descended from Noah and his family.Because Jews have had so many bad experiences with anti-Semitic non-Jews over the centuries, the term "goy" has taken on some negative connotations, but in general the term is no more insulting than the word "gentile." The more insulting terms for non-Jews are shiksa (feminine) and shkutz (masculine).I gather that these words are derived from the Hebrew root Shin-Qof-Tzadei, meaning loathsome or abomination.I explained that these people did not disapprove of him because he was Christian; they disapproved of him because he was a Christian dating a Jew, which is another issue altogether.Traditional Judaism does not permit interfaith marriages.

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