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And when a House Lord 'asks', things got done.So Quentin and Robyn got up and quickly attached a winch to the appendage, raising it up to show Hanse. “Well sir, the default configuration we were working on, the SCT-01X, involves thirteen-point-five tones of armor, a pair of 10-shot LRM launchers in the shoulders and Large Lasers in the arms. I don't think you can put any more on, and what about the Heat sinks.In its place was a mass of power cables that hung from the ceiling to provide energy, and enough dead weight to simulate the mass of the engine for motive tests.Off to one side, the failed Moon Cat project was in a far greater state of decomposition, parts of the Mech being salvaged for use by the more successful design.It was lunch, so the student body was off socializing, eating and catching up on their studies, leaving the two of them alone.

He huffed at one, glancing up at the 'chin' of the Mech, where the connective tags for a Small Laser were hanging out like some vague beard.This class doesn't have a lot of experience with the Marauder class of Mechs, so I've deliberately limited their access to that information to that they can be encouraged to work out the problems they encounter from first concepts.” Hanse seemed to be paying attention, actual real attention to what was being said, rather than the bland expression of a man who wasn't interested in what was being talked about.“The layout of the basic internal structure was very easy, but one of our subgroups is experimenting with an improved foot to allow for better grip on non-flat surfaces.” He indicated the portion of the Mech in question, and was surprised with Davion got up and asked to be shown it.Maximize armor with the heaviest weapons we can fit onto it.And she runs heat-neutral through an Alpha Strike, except at a full run.” “What do you have in mind for alternate weapon loadouts?

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Now the damned Liao's were doing better than them, even if it was a Franken Mech, and not a proper Battle Mech?

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