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"I don't think it'll be a surprise for any one of the other characters, especially not Hetty.

I think she could see it coming a mile away." .) "I went through a similar situation when my husband and I started dating," she admits.

"There's not a great, if any, distinction in the scenes that we did prior to dating officially to post-dating officially.

Their professionalism and their banter and their looks are pretty much similar or the same.

"We make decisions based on being a good agent," Olsen continues.

"We make decisions based on what's in the best interest of the country or the mission, and everything kind of flies out the window when you become so emotionally invested in your partner. Now [Deeks] has this realization that [Kensi] is the most important person in the world to him.

Beck says she got him a can of lemonade, which at first, Tori doesn't believe.

Beck says that Jade has never done anything nice to him, and Tori, attempting to prove him wrong, asks what Jade got him for his birthday the past year. I just wanted to get you a dog because you've talked about getting one ever since I met you and I thought that maybe- (Beck silences her with a kiss) You love me again.

this season, fans shouldn't expect a lot of hot and heavy Densi scenes.

This is, after all, still a police procedural."They have to keep it serious and professional at work," Ruah notes.

A photo of the two appears online, and Tori briefly mentions it to Beck, telling him that Jade won't like it. Cranky Janitor: (he's in the corner) Just get the boy a dog!

Beck however, assures Tori that they are just friends. Jade was telling Beck that she didn't want him hanging out with other pretty girls, and she is upset because Alyssa had texted him so much.

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