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When creating a scheduled User-defined script task in Task Scheduler, name it something like Update Namecheap DDNS.The script does not need to run as root, but it won't hurt if you want to do so.With 1.23-001, I changed the settings to "force update every 1 day". The last update was "officially" today 25/12/2012 at 17h31.However, if I look on the no-ip website, their last update is from "2012-12-13 PST", so 12 days ago. Why DDNS updater claims that the update was successful and no-ip is not aware of it ? It seems that a update with the url-api not reseting the update-timestamp on the no-ip site, if the ip not changed.All known updater are working this way, it is always a one way api with responses. As this one is different that the 'fake IP', no-ip will of course change it back to the old correct IP but at the same time will change the timestamp Like this you end up with the same IP as before (did not change) but a new timestamp and hopefully no monthly mail anymore.Let me know what you think of this, in case there is no 'cleaner' way.Since writing Updating Namecheap DDNS from Cent OS 7, I had the desire to rewrite parts of my DDNS update script, making it compatible with Synology DSM 6.

Need to update." fi ### # Generate $HOST and $DOMAIN ### # If $FQDN is in the format 'domain.tld' (i.e.

The installation process for this script is identical to that outlined in a previous post, Reconnecting a failed VPN connection on Synology DSM 6.

If you need help with the following steps, please refer to that post, in which I describe them in more detail.

I would recommend running this script every 15 minutes, all days of the week. every 5 minutes), but please note that due to the way DNS lookups are cached, you might receive multiple email notifications when your public IP address changes until the TTL expires.

This script is configured to work with the Send run details only when the script terminates abnormally option in DSM, so I would recommend enabling it if you choose to receive email notifications.

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Hi, sorry but I do not speak German, so will post in English, I hope this is fine. I was receiving the monthly mail that they would remove my host due to inactivity.

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