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What Not to Wear ran for five seasons on the BBC, their books were worldwide bestsellers, and their ''Magic Knickers’’ and Littlewoods clothes ranges flew off the shelves.

It was only when the golden girls defected to ITV in a £1.2 million deal that their brand began to unravel.

'If at any stage there is fondling,” I tell my editor, “they’ll get a slap.” I’ve interviewed Hugh Hefner and James Hewitt, but this is not a warning I’ve had to issue before. Trinny and Susannah never fondled; Trinny and Susannah didn’t even manhandle.

For over a decade these two were the smash and grabbers of TV hosts, breaking through women’s barriers and exposing their vulnerabilities to the masses – before, admittedly, restyling their subjects to their advantage. And if the way we treated women was half as bad as people said it was, somebody would have slapped us.

For a man – albeit a gay one – to assume their mantle must be discomfiting, but they’re reluctant to criticise Wan’s show.“English women would rather go out and buy a washing machine than shop for clothes,” Woodall laments, “and that hasn’t changed.Whereas in the rest of Europe women’s mothers are their role models, passing down tips through the generations, we never had that.“Also, she’s a very accessible role model, even though she’s very slim.If you see something Kate wears, it’s generally quite safe and women know that they can carry it off too.” They would, however, offer our biggest royal export two pieces of advice.

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  2. Not only in movies she did wonders but also in television series like the role of Sara in Freaks and Geeks, Tinae Greer in Smallville, Anya Turpo in Newsreader, Amy Burnley in True Blood and much more.