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Cost is low and the knives are being phased out now so maybe we will see prices rise in the aftermarket on these products in a few years, if not they are still neat items. Loescher states that many years ago he purchased a few cases of the metal scabbards still packed in the original shipping crates.

Each bag also has an acknowledgement card that the gift is made possible through the generosity of the American people.Well, that does seem to clear up that little mystery to our satisfaction. Loescher, every little piece of the puzzle helps in assembling the whole picture!We are trying to gather any information on the 5" Marbles Ideal pattern knife for a future article.If anyone has further information please let us know.A recent offering from Camillus Cutlery are the tried and true military knives coated in a Desert Tan epoxy coating.

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If you have any proof on the subject, such as a written document, not an oral history, we would be mighty glad to hear from you!

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