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But obviously, some conversations just flowed better than other.Of course, there were the very predictable Cape Town conversations about where you lived, what job you did, etc. All in all, I would say 6 out of 8 ‘dates’ were pleasant enough.It seems like the technologically savvy way of doing things doesn’t really work for an old-fashioned girl like me.Look to be honest, while I haven’t found my Prince Charming I certainly have had my fair share of adventures and found a few gems along the way.Today marks the 2 year anniversary of me waking up in #zlotybaby’s bed (during our 2 broke girls phase) and deciding that it was time to bite the bullet, join the world of online dating and start swiping.While a lot has changed since then one thing that hasn’t is my single status.They won’t have to pay, but will have to hang out at the bar upstairs during the two dating sessions.We’ll also be using a private room so you won’t have hotel guests watching you during your mini dates!

Come along and meet fun loving, professional, single people, face to face for 5 minutes.

Oh, and did you know that everyone and his dog is a runner? But there were also some more memorable conversations. And then there was the guy that asked if I could be an animal what would I be? 1 was slightly awkward so 5 minutes felt like an eternity and I can’t really count the mid-event debrief with my wingman as a ‘date’ as such.

At the end of the event, there is a little card where you jot down the names of all your victims and you can state whether there is potential for them romantically (R), for friendship (F) or business (B).

• the chance to have 23 speed dates with some eligible single men• a complimentary glass of wine on arrival and bar snacks• the chance to enter a free draw to win some great prizes After the first round of twelve dates, which will each last three minutes, there’ll be a break when you can grab another drink at the bar and mingle with the other guests. I will then let you know who you have matched with the next day by email.

If you feel a bit nervous about coming to such an event alone, you may come with a friend or friends.

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Thankfully, the three latecomers did eventually pitch so we weren’t sat there balling our eyes out for too long.

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