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Partners will be allowed (actually encouraged) to take the vids to their own sites as collateral they can use through our Creative Commons License.We’ll provide partners with the embed codes so they only have to cut ‘n’ paste. We’re also creating a BYD channel on JD-OD where we’ll showcase all the vids we produce.The discussions runs much more freely and during these 15 minutes you get to a level of familiarity, that even the biggest introverts open up and the activity level in the sessions shoots through the roof: Much more interactive. If you do three rounds of these, you can get to know 15 new people on a pretty solid level, multiply that with everyone present and it is quite amazing.(Check out never eat alone if you want to know how important your network is.) Once a year SAP brings together their top internal developers for the Developer Kick Off Meeting(DKOM). I thought about it for a while and especially about the essence of bringing hundreds of people from all over the world to one place. But boy, we sure have to do a lot of it” Bruce Sterling at Siggraph in 2004.

We decide the questions, we deicde how (if at all) we edit the shoot.

Later in 2005 I got approached by the organizing team and they said something like: “You are the community guy, we have an hour in our program, do some community! There is so much unnecessary doubble work because people are not connected enough.

I pitched my speed networking idea, but the shutters probably went down right after I said it is like speed dating.

In real terms it means you’ll need to allocate about 15 minutes of time to setting up and filming the shoot.

We’ll be happy to help customers hone their pitch but what we’re really after are these three things: Partners who bring customers onto the show get a bonus: In the final video production we’ll put their name AND URL into the show credits.

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  1. (*First come, first served.)Everything included with BRONZE, PLUS: Lead Scanner App that you download on your Smart Phone or Tablet to scan Attendee & Exhibitor badges (using their QR code) to digitally collect all of their contact information for future follow-up (Company, Name, Email, Phone, Job Title, Zip).

  2. That being said, it is most surprising the number of platforms that simply roll out a highly-polished business development individual, flutter some website in front of us, tell us all about the relationship they want to have with us and assume that is where the date ends.