Southern laws mandating racial segregation included

“When President Trump won, I wasn’t surprised at all because it fell in line with the way U. That is actually how the United States works.” Educators said learning about Reconstruction can help children understand the current racial conflicts in the country.

Statistics from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit watchdog that tracks hate groups, show that race-related attacks and membership in racist organizations increased in 2017.

These contracts barred African Americans and sometimes other groups-including Jews, Asians, and Latinos-from many neighborhoods.

The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution abolished slavery.

“There is this question posed about what kind of country we are going to live in. So, it is incredibly important for us to think about and teach about because this was a chance to really remake the kind of United States that we were going to be.” Several organizations are providing information to help educators teach about Reconstruction.The free curriculum features a variety of components, including “Reconstructing the South: A Role Play,” in which students consider what black people needed to survive and to achieve real freedom after the war. “Often the history can be depressing, but there was a lot of progress made, and that’s what I teach my students,” Tosto said.Cristina Tosto, who teaches Reconstruction to a diverse group of students in Gulfport, Miss., said the curriculum offers an alternative to the “victim-based” presentation of blacks in history. “I want them to know that African American history included progress, triumph and victory, as well as struggle.” Educators who teach Reconstruction said teachers who don’t may be motivated by more than a lack of knowledge of the era.In August, Michigan history teacher James Gorman watched televised images of torch-bearing white supremacists marching on the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and decided to use the incident to teach his students about similar events that happened in a divided United States 150 years earlier.He would compare race-based protests by white nationalists, like those in Charlottesville, to segregationists’ efforts during the ­Reconstruction era to roll back civil rights advances made after the Civil War.

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