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" relationship service in "Match It Up" after Savannah broke up with Deuce.

She said that she wants Dina to be with Deuce and will stick with him no matter what dead end job he has.

She is also one of the main reasons that Dina is with Deuce.

Ce Ce set them up through her "Ce Ce's Single No More!

They are good friends, as seen in "Review It Up" when Ce Ce and Rocky tried to help Dina think of a gift to give Deuce for their one-year anniversary.

(see: Dine Ce) Tinka is a friend and schoolmate of Dina's.

She doesn’t really want to do that, so she stays and tries to ignore her conflicting emotions. Unexpected challenges-- whether they’re health-related, financial, emotional or anything else-- descend on you leaving a whole lot of chaos, upheaval, uncertainty and stress. For some couples, a shake up galvanizes their relationship and moves them closer together, but for others, the added strain pushes them apart.

As with Sam and Jenny, shake ups can initially forge a strong bond, but then later wear the two down and damage the relationship.

Jenny is grateful that Sam is still with her and that he didn’t die in the accident, but sometimes she daydreams about how free she’d be if she just left him. She has the same personality as Deuce Martinez and is dating him, since Season 1. She mentioned once, in "Glitz It Up", that she is Don Rio Garcia 's only daughter, implying that she might have a brother(s). Dina Garcia comes from a very rich family (it was stated that her father owns the mall in Match It Up). Dina has a pet pig named Pinkie and had an unnamed hamster that married a mouse and is now raising a happy family.No reason was given for the sudden absence and it is now unclear when she will return to the work, with multiple sources at ABC telling Daily Mail Online that Ripa is refusing to turn up to work until Strahan leaves the show.The sources claimed Ripa was blindsided by the decision to move Strahan, adding that the company thinks the success of Good Morning America is more important than Live, and had grown concerned as GMA has become increasingly threatened by NBC's Today in recent months.'And I know that the show will continue to be strong and great because of Kelly and Michael Gellman [the executive producer] and the staff here because everybody here is so talented.

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They both dress alike and both sell things to other people.

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