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Gliding season will be starting soon, and I dread using the same system if it will cause more damage. "It is not likely that HUNG's drainage system caused the problem," said Dr. "His condition sounds like Peyronie's disease, a possibly autoimmune disease thought to be related to microtrauma, though some penile fractures may result in similar deformity." Men with Peyronie's disease come down with, well, bent dicks.

My partner is an amazing woman—70, by the way, and by far the best partner I have ever had (oh, my brethren, do not look only to youth! Hanging Under Nice Glider First let me say thank you for the qualified compliment—you sure know how to flatter a girl—and I'll try to keep my trademark excellent-if-pedestrian advice coming, HUNG. Sometimes the bend is slight and doesn't interfere with reasonable penile functions.

But I fly gliders, and the relief system is a "Texas catheter" with a drain line to outside the glider.

I believe that the bending on my penis may be the result of trauma caused by removing the catheter.

But when he's sober, it's like he's trying to mimic the things a person in love would say or do.I'm pretty sure I know the answer, and I figured you're the one to ask what the best foreplay options are because your sexual knowledge is vast and you regularly deal with two penises at a time.As someone who pleasures a penis and who has a penis that is pleasured, what is the best preparation to get guys off before the insertion happens?Because it's not HIV-positive men on meds who are infecting people, it's men who aren't on meds because they don't know they're HIV-positive. The news you just received is distressing and life changing.But it's not as distressing as it was three decades ago, and it doesn't mean your life is over. You have a lot of time left, and if you get into treatment and take your meds, DADAC, you will live a long and healthy life, a life filled with love, connection, and intimacy. Don't wait until your boyfriend returns to tell him.

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Sometimes the bend is severe enough to make erections painful and intercourse impossible.

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