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She made a greenhouse, reminding me that God gave us the knowledge to feed ourselves.

She did little things without chastising me or being condescending." The two respect each other's freedom--including Mayte's decision to leave the lounge without him at 5 A. Soon the Artist will join her, sliding into a black stretch limo to head up to their hotel suite by sunup. These days, he says, he places a higher premium on truth--or "the ultimate real"--than on money, fame or awards, which "have nothing to do with unity." He puts his faith in God and tries to lead by righteous example.

By putting animals in front of me to teach me how to respect that life.Angered that Warners owned the master recordings of his extensive catalogue, including "1999" and "When Doves Cry," he had begun appearing with the word "slave" scrawled on his face in eyeliner.In a gesture of freedom on his 35th birthday, he changed his given name (Prince Rogers Nelson, named after the Prince Rogers jazz trio, in which his father, John Nelson, and mother, Mattie Baker, both sang) to a glyph of his own creation. Londell Mc Millan, the entertainment lawyer and friend who worked out the Artist's release from the contract. Now he's more empowered, at peace." "Are we going to talk about the latest fashions?"You can't promote [some of] these crazy hip-hop records and say you represent God," says the Artist, who blames the corporate structure, not the hip-hop musicians themselves, for rewarding insolent behavior. In a few hours the hoops fan will be off to Oakland to attend the NBA All-Star Game. "That's part of being free." His liberation, he says, dates from 1996 and the release of Emancipation, his first album after extricating himself from his contract with Warner Bros.Records (a subsidiary of Time Warner, In Style's parent company).

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