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I don't understand how social scientists weren't begging Pornhub for their data. I sent some of my results to some of the most famous sociologists and sex researchers in the world. In places where it's hard to be gay, such as Mississippi, far fewer men say that they are gay than in places where it's easy to be gay, such as New York.

But gay porn searches are about the same everywhere.

Can you really draw concrete conclusions from this sort of data?

People search for things for all kinds of reasons, right?

But there was plenty more revelatory data in the book that we didn’t cover.

So I wanted to follow up with Stephens-Davidowitz to talk about some of the other provocative claims he is making.

I was particularly interested in sexuality and online porn.

It is far more likely that a woman is married to a man who is secretly an alcoholic or secretly depressed than secretly gay. About one in 100 porn searches are for the elderly. Some sexual preferences I first learned about on which featured really poor, uneducated people.

Wealthy, educated people are more cognizant of contemporary social norms, which means if you have such an attraction, you hide it.

I recall something in the book about the sexual preferences we hide largely for cultural reasons or for fear of being judged. If you define being in the closet as picking partners based on what society wants rather than what you want, many people are in the closet.

I think watching a porn video is a lot more telling than answering a survey question.

I agree you should be cautious in how you interpret it, though.

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