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Market Place, the street on which it stands, was ravaged by a fire in 1732, a result of sparks from the tapers of a passing funeral procession, although the surrounding area remains remarkably unchanged to this day with the nearby market cross, stocks and whipping post.The entire row was rebuilt, and what is now the The Grapevine was an ironmonger’s business from 1895 until 1979.At The Wheatsheaf you can be guaranteed a friendly atmosphere and great beer, but an attempt to warm yourself by its cosy fire may prove to be a chilling experience.A photograph taken of the fireplace seems normal enough upon first glance, but closer inspection reveals what appears to be a young girl knelt by the grate polishing the brass (although some speculate she may be praying, or even nursing a baby).We've started 175458 conversations in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, United Kingdom, you could be next.SIGN UP & JOIN 5392 OTHERS IN Poulton-le-Fylde Are you interested in meeting someone in Poulton-le-Fylde? Smooch has 5392 singles in Poulton-le-Fylde and even more in the towns and cities close by, one of them could be your next date.

Behind The Grapevine is The Teanlowe Centre, an indoor shopping mall, which may not sound particularly spooky, but has supernatural connections.

Many employees have described experiencing the sensation of cobwebs brushing against their cheeks, only to reach up to find nothing there.

Many of the locals are familiar with The Grapevine’s resident ghost, with one customer claiming to have looked in the mirror in the gents’ toilet and seen the spectral face of a woman gazing back at him.

The bar staff waited patiently for the second man to emerge.

He never did, and when they eventually went in to check, the toilet was empty.

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There is some speculation that Murph is the ghost of a highwayman who fled the authorities in London and came to Weeton to hide, perhaps seeking refuge in the secret tunnels in the pubs cellar.

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