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Pope Francis appointed Bishop Barros three years ago despite the cover-up allegations. The bishop has repeatedly offered his resignation to the Pope, but it has been rejected several times as he was believed to be innocent of the accusations.

This time, it is thought his offer to quit will be accepted. " Days later, the Pope apologized for hurting the victims of clerical sex abuse through his comments, saying the knowledge "pains me very much".

The bishops have said they want to help repair the damage caused.

In their letter, they wrote that their individual futures were in the Pope's hands, and if he did not accept their resignations, they would "continue doing our pastoral work".

17:5) and any offspring (any other religion) is referred to as a harlot. The incredible cruelty of the Inquisition, during which time millions of people of all faiths were horribly tortured and murdered as directed by the Vatican, was all part of the attempt by the principalities and the rulers of darkness to control the world. The reason 1.2 billion followers are still not able to see God's judgment at work, is as a direct result of their spiritual blindness and separation from God.

And please do remember: There are two ways to be fooled. Back to Top The use of Drugs and the Legalization of Marijuana plays a very important role in the demoralization and decline of the Nations and we have previously addressed those in the following entries - Links: As the Politicians and Law-Makers of the Nations are blinded by the spirit of darkness and this world, nobody will be able to stop the Legalization and the use of Marijuana.

One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true (Proverbs 1:7; 10:8,21; ; ; 14:9; ; 18:2; 20:3; ; 1 Cor. The most idiotic opinion on the issue has been expressed by the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, who keeps referring to the Legalization of Marijuana as a ' Health Benefit'.

"They did not know how to protect the weakest, exposed them to abuses, and then prevented justice," he wrote on Twitter.

"That's why they all deserve to go." ~ The purpose of this website is to show how and by whom people have been deceived.

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From the BBC News – May 18, 2018 All of Chile's 34 Roman Catholic bishops have offered Pope Francis their resignations in the wake of a child sex scandal and cover-up.

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